How to install lenses and tips for preserving them!

How to install lenses and tips for preserving them!

Contact lenses are sensitive and require a lot of attention and care. Here is how to install the lenses and how to protect them from scratches.

How to install and maintain lenses!

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching and wearing contact lenses. The lens comes into contact with the sensitive eye and contamination may occur. So great care should be taken in this situation.
Contact lenses should be cleaned and sterilized immediately before and after each use.
The soaking liquid has several tasks, including cleaning and sterilization, so it is very important to change the soaking liquid every time you use it. It is forbidden to reuse the solution that was previously used.
Do not wash the lenses or soak them in liquids not designed for this, such as tap water, water, distilled water, and the like. Using liquids not intended for contact lenses damages the lens’s structure, contaminates it, and may harm the person who uses it.
When you put contact lenses in the case, they must be completely covered with the solution. Care must be taken because it can dry out, lose elasticity, and become unusable.
When contact lenses are not used, store the case with the lenses in a place out of sunlight and change the solution every few days.
If the solution causes a burning sensation in the eye when the lenses are inserted, the lenses can be removed and washed by the solution prepared for that and recommended by the ophthalmologist.
During wearing contact lenses lose moisture, so it is very important to soak them in the solution. Soaking solutions and cleaning agents are very important in returning moisture to the lens.
The case must be emptied each time after removing the contact lenses from the eyes, rinsing them well and keeping them clean. It is recommended that the canister be changed every few months, to prevent a build-up of contaminants.
To make contact lenses easier to remove, it is recommended that you drip a few drops of eye drops before removing them. Moisturizing helps make it easier to remove the lenses from the eyes.
It is important to remember that it is forbidden to bathe, swim, or sleep with contact lenses on the inside of the eye.
In every case of redness, irritation, burning, pain or discomfort, the contact lenses must be removed immediately and refer to the treating ophthalmologist, licensed by the Ministry of Health.
To prevent harm to the person using it, it is very important to follow the recommendations of the ophthalmologist regarding the method of fitting the lenses, times, and physical care

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